WASHINGTON STATE: Gay Man Vows To Disown Entire Family Unless They Stop Voting Republican

WASHINGTON STATE: Gay Man Vows To Disown Entire Family Unless They Stop Voting Republican

Ryan Short a 42, gay man recently discovered that his 80-year-old father Richard, a veteran who lives in Dallas, Texas, still votes Republican.

Short emailed dozens of family members the next day saying ‘you cannot vote for the GOP and continue to have a relationship with me. No exceptions. The safety and peace of me, my husband, and my community is baseline, non-negotiable, and unrelated to politics. To vote GOP is to divide the family.’

Short said that he didn’t want to ‘waste any more time on things that aren’t bringing light to my life.’ This letter was a boundary, not a persuasion,’ he added. ‘It was not intended to persuade anyone.’

When Short tweeted about what happened he amassed over 15000 likes in just a short while,. But of course there were those GOP MAGA’s who were enraged by his post, with one user commenting ‘you’re an ungrateful disrespectful brat and I’m sure your parents regret having you after that hateful letter.’ Another called it ‘narcissistic and painful to read.

Short, whose Twitter account is currently suspended, said he received mostly positive responses and affirmations from family members who agreed to stop voting Republican. Even his father in the end agreed.

‘Family is family,’ Richard Short said. ‘Being a hard head, I’m a little bit hard to get through to,’ Richard Short said. ‘But then I’m one of these people, I’ll sit back, reflect and think on what I said, and I’m very quick to apologize.’  I was so worried that I had lost my son.’ Richard Short said. ‘And luckily, I have a son in Ryan who accepted my sincere, open, and honest apology.’

Okay. Who’s next?

4 thoughts on “WASHINGTON STATE: Gay Man Vows To Disown Entire Family Unless They Stop Voting Republican

  1. We think tRump is trying to incite another violent insurrectionist riot against America just because he is being brought to Justice for his many, many sins and crimes!!! We wonder how many republican retards, that can’t think for themselves, he can get to forfeit their Freedom for his stupid-ass this time!!! LOL!!!

    1. Testimony from the leaders of Anti-America White Nationalist Domestic Terrorist Militias that Traitor Trump organized and financed to OVERTHROW the United States government on January 6, 2021 proved that they have communication with the Trump Con Artists and certain terms like “take back our country” are a call for violence against the government. Traitor Trump isn’t fooling anybody but his brain dead racist Cult Sheeple.

  2. Our country has been better off without his many lies- I can’t believe he’s trying to make another run- if he makes it, it shows how ignorant people in the USA have become- with all the unrest and political fighting- we never were like this. We weren’t afraid to be an American- he has a big mouth & who knows what he’ll do with it & his trigger finger- wake up everyone!!! We need to see that his lies & cheating are wrong. He sets a poor example of a human being & needs to go away, hopefully to prison for the unrest he caused on Jan. 6 & is again trying to do more damage- he’s crazy!

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