KENTUCKY Legislature Overrides Governor's VETO. Makes Don't Day Gay/Anti Trans Bills Laws.

KENTUCKY Legislature Overrides Governor’s VETO. Makes Don’t Day Gay/Anti Trans Bills Laws.

Today on Wednesday, the second to last day of the General Assembly. The Kentucky legislature has overridden Democratic Governor’s Andy Beshear’s veto and has passed into law the most heinous Don’t Say Gay/Anti-Trans laws in the country.

The Senate passed the measure first 29-8. It then went straight to the House, where protesters disrupted chambers by breaking out in chants.

The legislation in Kentucky is part of a national movement, with Republican state lawmakers approving extensive measures that restrict the rights of LGBT+ people this year — from bills targeting trans athletes and drag performers to measures limiting gender-affirming care and saying the word “gay”. . At least nine states have enacted laws restricting or banning gender-affirming care for minor.

Republican Sen. Robby Mills said he supported the bill because of his belief that “puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, when administered to youth under 18 for the purpose of altering their appearance, is dangerous for the health of that child.”

Transgender medical treatments have long been available in the United States and are endorsed by major medical associations.

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