FLORIDA: GOP State Legislature Advances Bill To Make “Don’t Say Gay” Law Even More Hateful

FLORIDA: GOP State Legislature Advances Bill To Make “Don’t Say Gay” Law Even More Hateful

“Among many other things this new bill would ban Sex Ed in school after the 8th grade, which is quite frankly fucking insane.” – Will Kohler

Via Fox News Service: The Republican-controlled House Choice & Innovation Subcommittee voted 14-4 along almost-straight party lines to approve the proposal (HB 1223), after numerous LGBTQ advocates slammed the bill as harmful to vulnerable youths. Rep. Lisa Dunkley, D-Sunrise, voted with Republicans for the measure. The 2022 law, which drew national attention and federal court challenges, prohibited instruction about sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade and required it to be “age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate” in higher grades. The new bill would extend the prohibition through eighth grade — reigniting a legislative debate about the 2022 law, which was formally titled the “Parental Rights in Education” bill but was derided by opponents as the “don’t say gay” bill.

The Tallahassee Taiban is doubling down on the hate. Pretty soon Florida will extend it to all universities then to workplaces then to any public spaces. All thanks to Oberführer (Ron DeSantas.

I’d like to end this with a personal message to the LGBT’s who call Florida home. Move out of the state that hates you. Or get your asses off the keyboards, out of the bars, off the beaches and actually do something. You know like maybe I don’t know. Protest maybe? If you don’t fight against wrong you are just as culpable and deserve everything you get.

Just some sage advice from an old front lines gay rights activist.

What do you think?

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