TRAVEL: The Safest Most Accepting Countries for LGBT Tourist

TRAVEL: The Safest Most Accepting Countries for LGBT Tourist

TravelDailyMedia has posted the safest and most accepting popular travel destinations abroad for US LGBT travelers in 2023.

The Icelandic capital of Reykjavik is the safest tourist destination in the world. Scoring well across most factors, Reykjavik performed particularly well for LGBT social acceptance, earning the highest score in the study, Rule of Law, coming third with 8.53/10, and Reliability of Police, coming third again with a score of 9.02/10.

The second safest tourist destination in the world is the Swiss capital city of Bern. Bern scored very well across most factors in our study, particularly for the Rule of Law and Reliability of Police, achieving the second-highest scores for both factors.

Bergen is the third safest holiday destination in our study. Norway scored particularly highly for LGBT social acceptance with the third highest score of 9.38. The city also scored well for the Rule of Law, with a score of 8.33/10, and received a very low score on Numeo’s Crime Index with a rating of 25.72/100.

Scoring lowest on the list of tourist destinations to avoid: Doha, Qatar, Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan, and Singapore.

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