Florida College Abruptly Cancel's The Kings Singers Over ‘Concerns about members sexuality’

Florida College Abruptly Cancel’s The Kings Singers Over ‘Concerns about members sexuality’

The King’s Singers are a an award winning British a cappella vocal ensemble founded in 1968. They are named after King’s College in Cambridge, England. On their recent tour of America  Pensacola Christian College had cancelled the ensemble’s scheduled performance on Saturday February 11 with only 2 hours notice.

The reason? “Concerns” around the “lifestyle” of the group’s members.

In a statement posted to social media, the leading vocal group said they were “deeply saddened” by the cancellation.

“It has become clear to us,” the singers added after several members of the public and students at the college contacted them regarding the cancellation, “that these concerns related to the sexuality of members of our group. We have performed at Pensacola Christian College before and we entered into the engagement in the knowledge that this is a fundamentalist Christian institution,” the group added in its statement. “Our belief is that music can build a common language that allows people with different views and perspectives to come together.”

Pensacola Christian College later responded, posting a statement of its own: “The college cannot knowingly give an implied or direct endorsement of anything that violates the Holy Scripture. CC canceled a concert with The King’s Singers upon learning that one of the artists openly maintained a lifestyle that contradicts Scripture. The highly talented musicians were treated with dignity and respect when informed of the cancellation.”

4 thoughts on “Florida College Abruptly Cancel’s The Kings Singers Over ‘Concerns about members sexuality’

  1. It’s 2023, it time to get out of the dark ages. I’m catholic but religion is ruining this country . We are all created equal .

    1. Scripture is scripture. Being Catholic has no benefit to you when you choose to ignore the word of a sovereign God. The Bible is very clear on it’s view of the “gay” lifestyle. You and I will NOT be judged on our feelings, emotions etc. we will be judged by the Word of God. God is the God all ages so your “dark ages” remark has zero merit

  2. This well-known and respected classical vocal group has been touring and recording for 55 years. And now a “Christian” college cancels on two hours notice because a singer is gay? We are going backwards, people.

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