TASMANIA: Country To Ban Nazi Symbols, Push For Hate Crime Inclusion

The Tasmanian government has proposed a law to ban Nazi symbols, including the Swastika, and are seeking action against anti-LGBT hate crimes.

The Police Offences Amendment (Nazi Symbol Prohibition) Bill 2023 will prohibit the use of Nazi symbols, except for legitimate public purposes. The use of the ancient Swastika symbol by Hindu, Buddhist and Jain communities is exempt from the proposed ban. 

“Our Government is strongly opposed to the use of Nazi symbols which promote hate and cause fear in our community, which is why we committed to ensuring our laws appropriately reflect community expectations,” said state Attorney-General Elise Archer.

LGBT activists welcomed the proposed ban and pointed out that the state’s hate crime legislation still leaves out the harassment and violence against the community.  in Tasmania, only racial hatred can be considered an aggravating factor when judges pass sentences for hate-motivated crimes.

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