New York Times Hires Anti-LGBT Columnist David French

New York Times Hires Anti-LGBT Columnist David French

The New York Times announced New it has brought on an anti-LGBTQ+ columnist, David French, Tuesday, calling him “an expert on the law, faith and politics.” despite the fact that French was once an attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom anti-lgbt hate group.

Last year, French actually praised the Respect for Marriage Act, which wrote marriage equality into federal law while assuring that it won’t interfere with religious liberty. The act “doesn’t solve every issue in America’s culture war (much less every issue related to marriage), but it’s a bipartisan step in the right direction,” he wrote in The Atlantic. he also filed a friend-of-the-court brief in a case recently heard by the Supreme Court involving a web designer arguing that she has the right to refuse service to same-sex couples.

Remember this the next time the New York Times wants you to pay a subscription to get behind their paywall.

3 thoughts on “New York Times Hires Anti-LGBT Columnist David French

  1. Thanks … this was the push I needed to finally cancel NYT subscription! Sad, it’s become — like everything else — an merch marketing vehicle.

  2. You guys are full of hate, if anyone doesn’t agree with you. You cancel them, talk bad about them etc. Hypocrisy you want people to not treat you the way you treat them. Backwards thinking!! God is the Judge!! Not LBGTQ

  3. My god does not judge. Love the language of nature, not judgement and condemnation. “You guys” have taunted and tortured us for too long and, worst, you do it in the name of your “Lord”.

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