"Don't Say Gay" Introduced In Iowa

“Don’t Say Gay” Introduced In Iowa

Iowa Republican House leaders are proposing two classroom bills that could force teachers to “out” certain LGBT students as well as prohibit teachers from providing LGBT-related materials for students 3rd grade and younger.

 House File 8 restricts school staff from giving “instruction of any kind” on gender identity and sexual orientation in K-3rd grade classrooms in addition  House File 9, prohibits school staff from “affirming” a student’s gender identity and preferred pronouns if it’s different from their birth certificate, unless the teacher has written approval from the student’s parent. It applies to students across all grade levels. It also prevents teachers from keeping a transgender student’s gender identity private from parents and from encouraging students to seek gender-affirming medical treatment.

The two bills are some of the first filed by House Republicans this session, which shows thgat an anti-lgbt agenda is their are priorities. Several Republican leaders have already co-sponsored the bill, including House Speaker Pat Grassley and House Majority Leader Matt Windschitl.

These bills will keep coming in Republican controlled states.

Buickle up.



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