KENTUCKY Man Arrested For Vandalizing 2 Gay Bars

KENTUCKY Man Arrested For Vandalizing 2 Gay Bars

William White, 51  has been arrested for allegedly vandalizing two LGBT bars in Lexington, Kentucky, with anti-gay slurs.

 White, has been charged with first- and second-degree criminal mischief for spray-painting the exteriors of Crossings Lexington, and The Bar Complex, He faces additional charges for an outstanding warrant related to a separate charge. 

 Photos posted to Facebook by The Bar Complex, shows the graffiti on and near the windows reads: “Homo, Qeer (sic), Sissy, Fag, Punk” and other homophobic slurs, while graffiti on the sidewalk and main door appears to say “Dead” without any other context..

The Bar Complex wrote: “This is what HATE looks like. Someone vandalized the front of our building last night. Crossings’ building was also vandalized. Luckily their security and police were able to apprehend and arrest the perpetrator.”

Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton condemned the “threatening and hateful graffiti” at both establishments. “This City will not tolerate hate-filled acts,” she tweeted. “During this season of love and peace, let’s stand united against ignorance and hate.”

William White

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