Former Child TV Stars of the 80’s Band Together Against Kirk Cameron – I’m A CCOKC (Video)

Former child stars from the 80’s have banded together and are standing up against Kirk Cameron and his anti-gay “Christian” rantings by forming CCOKC (Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron).

Originally made in 2014 these actors are still standing up to KKKirk Cameron even today.

Starring Brice Beckham (Mr. Belvedere), Keith Coogan (Adventures In Babysitting), Josie Davis (Charles In Charge), Maureen Flannigan (Out Of This World), Christine Lakin (Step By Step), Jeremy Licht (The Hogan Family) and Kenn Michael (The Parent ‘Hood)

Thank you CCOKC!

25 thoughts on “Former Child TV Stars of the 80’s Band Together Against Kirk Cameron – I’m A CCOKC (Video)

    1. Does he realize he’s going against god. It says do not judge unless ye be judged yourself. Mr. Cameron needs to be re-educated . Because it’s apparent that he has not been paying attention. You are you brother keeper , but not your brother judge, but it’s god’s job to judge his children. The older he gets the more lost his hate words . We are to love our neighbors as we do ourselves. We are all equal in gods eyes. Mr Camron you need to search you soul. As a member of the lgbt community I find how you are to individuals like appalling.

      1. WOW! It’s obvious when someone has never read the Bible. God loves us all, but when you or I go against His purpose of creation, consequences will follow. Nobody is born gay just like nobody is born a christian. We are given a choice by our Creator, God, to choose who we will be. You choose to be gay, you choose to be a Christ follwer, you choose to be a devil or Buddah or any other follower or identify as anyone you want. Kirk is simply reading what God has written in His word. You and I will be judged for our choices one day, not by man, but by a perfect and holy God who will not bend on His laws. God loves you. Read the Bible for yourself. Start in the book of John and let God speak to your heart. Have a great day.

        1. You suffer from a deep mental sickness that leads you to defy logic and reality. First, your living your life under the spell of a stack of papers binded together, not a glorious floating entity that we all see. Of course, the power of love, the wind, electricity . . . the universe beyond . . . and our world, with its beautiful nature and stunning array of humanity . . . all add up to very, very strong evidence that there is some force that’s much, much bigger than all of us combined. But your God—hateful and judgmental and racist and bigoted—is only a creation of your own neuroses. Most people’s God is is something awesomely indefinable and wouldn’t communicate their/its ideals via a very old book that includes stories of your God’s killing millions of babies just to send a message, a book that’s been written and rewritten by all sorts of men living at times when people thought things like the world is flat and giant sea dragons hang out in the oceans. Get a grip. Second, think about this: Why would anyone, at any age, CHOOSE to be gay, etc., in a world of you’s, of Pulse shootings and Drag Queen book reading bombings? When puberty hit you like a ton of bricks, did you have time to decide to be straight? Neither did gay or bi people. Have you ever decided just for a test of being gay for a day? Let us know how that goes. Our God is very sad for you, and hopes you get help. Have a super day.

        2. Nobody is born gay? Are you for real? People don’t just wake up one day and say I think I’ll be gay. It’s who they are are, not a choice.

      2. We judge everyday. Who we associate with. Who we are friends with, etc. can you tell me where in the Bible it says to condone sin? Because you disagree with someone’s lifestyle doesn’t mean you’re hating anyone. You’re just standing up for what you think is right.

    2. James you are so correct my brother. He needs a reality check. True Christians don’t hate this way . I don’t let lost souls like him get to me . I speak my mind . And let it roll what they say off my back. Love wins we have our rights. And they can’t take that from us .

      1. Kurt Cameron has his rights too. And he has the right toexpress his viewpoint. Its called free speech. If you try to shut him down your in the wrong. Religious or not. People, all people in the U.S. have the right to express themselves even if it offends somebody. So grow a spine. Everybody gets offended through life sometime. I know I have. Live with it its part of life. You pampered Hollywood stars. You don’t know what real life is if it hit you in the face you couldn’t take it out here. But free speech is free speech and Kurt has the freedom to say what he wants just like you.

    3. Who does Kirk Cameron think he is, having his own opinion like that? He should fall in line and do what these other child stars are doing. How dare he.

  1. Check your spelling in the article. You said will Wheaton is a ccock instead of ccokc. Big difference. Oh and kirk Cameron needs to shut the hell up.

  2. I do not know what all Kirk Cameron has said. But, as a Christian myself- I know what the Bible says about sexuality. I know what waits for you all in Gods judgment. I can love you the person but not your actions. It is not for me to judge you. But, I do not appreciate it always being shoved down my throat that i must also approve of your actions and that they are right or OK. They are not. I am tired of commercials and movies shoving it all in my face. I believe in traditional family values and I am not wrong for believing so. You can live your life as you see fit just stop stepping on me or shoving it in my face. It took a man and woman to make you not a they,them,non-binary etc. There are only 2 sexes. Just 2 as God made them. All the rest is just humans trying to justify there freaky behavior. This isn’t judgement this is just fact. Homosexuality has been around from the beginning of time but the rest of this stuff is all just made up woke-ness and all this men in makeup and wearing dresses and fingernail polish – please.

    1. Funny, Jackie – God’s right here with me now, and tells me you’re sadly mistaken about all that. God says the Bible has lots of nutty things in it along with some really meaningful parables about loving thy nabe, etc., but says people like you need to avoid hateful tendencies on social media and give more money to the starving children of Africa.

    2. I don’t believe in God but if I believed what you’ve said, I would have to believe Adam and Eve had sex with and procreated with their children and their children had sex with and procreated with each other. Why wouldn’t god just put more people on earth instead of forcing a family to be incestuous? Since you don’t believe someone is born gay, biology and all, I would have to assume you don’t to believe that a child can be created without sperm. So based on your thought process, I would also have to assume Mary was a 13 years old and asleep when she was raped and impregnated. So if God is her child’s father, does that make him a rapist? And where does the 30 something year old Joseph fit in? Also, quit shining your made up religion and straightness down our throats. I’m an ally, my kids aren’t straight. They don’t care who you love so why are you so concerned with who they love? You need to find something better to do with your life.

      1. JA, the Bible says Adam and Eve were the first people but it didn’t say they were the only ones. Seeing as they only had three sons, and one died, and Eve did not have children with her sons, it’s pretty obvious other people existed. There is an entire section of “begats” early on In the Bible where it tells who begat who, as in an ancestral history, that shows other people existed. Lots of people.

    3. Jackie, that is truth many can’t admit. God’s word says to love the person but hate the sin. That means we as Christians are to love everyone but we are not to fellowship or engage in other people’s sinful choices with them. So we can love people who make bad choices, and be there to pray for them and support them, but we are not to participate in the part of their life that God tells us doesn’t line up with His word. Where this line is exactly is personal between each Christian and God, because the person involved could be a neighbor, or it could be your sibling or your child. Only by prayer with God will each of us know where to draw that line with each person. And it’s nobody else’s business to watch from afar and judge any of this. If God tells me to stay out of other people’s private lives, consistently, but then my child tells me they are living this lifestyle, and God allows me to fellowship with my child, please don’t call me a hypocrite. It’s a different relationship. It’s my child. But also don’t judge parents who pray and God tells them to step back. It may not be about the sexuality issue at all, but the dynamics of the family. It’s not for others to judge, because nobody but God knows all the facts.

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