Rand Paul Uses Trans Panic Attack Ads for Kentucky Reelection Campaign - VIDEO

Rand Paul Uses Trans Panic Attack Ads for Kentucky Reelection Campaign – VIDEO

U.S. Senator Rand Paul’s latest re-election ad playing across the state of Kentucky, is just the latest example of the Republicans’, focus on rhetoric against transgender people using fear and hatemongering.

University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines joins Paul in his fight against transgender women participating in women’s and girls sports. Gaines tied with transgender woman swimmer Lia Thomas, of the University of Pennsylvania, at an NCAA event. Since then, she’s shown up on Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s show and alongside GOP candidates like Herschel Walker at campaign events.

Gaines recounts her experience as a student-athlete in Paul’s ad.

“I trained from an early age, giving it my all to achieve my dream. And I accomplished it, becoming a 12-time All-American swimmer at the University of Kentucky. But for girls across America, that dream is being taken away by men competing in women’s sports.

Gaines said in the ad that Paul would “fight for fairness for women and girls,” which is why she’s supporting him.

Paul’s wife, Kelley, made transgender and gender identity one of the main themes of her stump speech at Fancy Farm, a prominent political speaking event in West Kentucky. She and several other Kentucky GOP figures purposely misgendered transgender women at that event.

4 thoughts on “Rand Paul Uses Trans Panic Attack Ads for Kentucky Reelection Campaign – VIDEO

  1. what else can a republican do? absolutely nothing. this is typical bullshit from, especially, rand paul an eye doctor who tried to make Dr Fauci look like he didn’t know what he was talking about and/or being accusatory of the origin of covid-19. then Dr Fauci put rand paul in his place. they just never shut up, it’s the same play book every time they are not in power. it’s very unfortunate that, even though they’re a minority, so many people believe their dumb shit. those believers are just as dumb. they know nothing about biology.

  2. marco rubio has a tatoo in the shape of chump’s asshole covering the tip of his nose. he still hasn’t realized that chump doesn’t need him…….yet. And, once as chump called him, “little marco” gives him something he needs, he’ll be pushed under a train or thrown under the bus. these morons don’t seem to care if chump sends his minions after them. they also don’t realize that once a dictator gets what he wants, he has no use for any of them……………………we need to PREPARE ourselves, (Get It?) the chump appointed supreme court is ready to take on the gay community and they don’t care.

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