House Republicans Introduce Federal Version of "Don't Say Gay" Bill

BREAKING NEWS: House Republicans Introduce Federal Version of “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

Via The Hill: More than 30 House Republicans have signed on to a bill to prohibit federal dollars from being used to make “sexually-oriented” materials available to children under the age of 10. The measure introduced Tuesday by Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) would prohibit the use of federal funds to develop and host programs or events for children younger than 10 that contain “sexually-oriented material,” such as drag queen story hours that have recently drawn the ire of conservative politicians and right-wing groups. Johnson’s bill, titled the “Stop the Sexualization of Children Act,” claims that state and federal agencies including the Department of Defense have in the past used federal funds to promote and host “sexually-oriented events” like drag queen story hours or burlesque shows for children and families.

Unfortunately Republicans have learned from DECADES of their experience in Florida that GAY PANIC is a winning issue for their side. The GOP exploited Republicans’ abject fear of sexuality by dishonestly defining anything having to do with being gay as ‘sexual’, and thus, unsuitable for children.

Democrats had an obligation to explain this rhetorical trick to the voters. Instead they chose to ‘Say Gay’ (whatever that entails), and left  the dishonest message was left completely unchallenged by Democrats and LGBT groups alike.

So this is where we are now. 40 years in the past.

Good times again. -smh-

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