Hey Guys. Want to Meet A REAL MANLY MAN?

Meet Garrett Soldano a God fearing, GOP, Murican manly man like Josh Hawley who is running against  Gretchen Whitmer  for Governor of Michigan.

MEET GARRETT: “Garrett Soldano is a chiropractor, small business owner, author, public speaker, former football player, family man and proud Catholic.”

One thought on “Hey Guys. Want to Meet A REAL MANLY MAN?

  1. Liar. You say you don’t want the government being involved in your life but you are running in a party that believes it can tell women what to do with their bodies. They believe that they can tell everyone who is allowed to marry and who cannot, and they make everyone live by the rules of THEIR religion. Many of them believe they have the right to say who can have sex and what kind of sexual acts are acceptable. Many believe they can deny people the right to even use contraception. They believe they can tell people how to behave and how to define themselves and deny us the freedom to declare what gender we identify with. The list goes on. Republicans are NOT libertarians! They believe in having the government dictate how we can live. They are slaves to religious extremists who want to dictate to us who we are allowed to be. There is no sense of love and let live. They want control and then they lie about their agenda, trying to convince us their way is somehow the only natural way when history proves that we are not all the same. They are fascists!

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