UTAH Mormon Woman Calls LGBT Center To Complain About "Evil Gay" Neighbors.

UTAH Mormon Woman Calls LGBT Center To Complain About “Evil Gay” Neighbors.

A Utah woman recently called her local LGBT community center asking them to do something to stop her “evil gay” neighbors from bothering her.

In her message, the woman, after stating her name (which I wish we had”, says, “I’m having problems with a gay person that I’ve known for a while, and he is bothering me and I would like to report him to you… And I know that you can help me so that he will not bother me any longer.”

Jackson Whitt, who works at the Utah Pride Center in Salt Lake City, posted a video

In a follow-up video, Whitt said the woman called the Pride Center a second time before he could call her back, and when he spoke to her, she told him the gay man in question has lived across the street from her for years and had “energy machines in his house that shoot electrical pulses” through his window into her window to harm her. “He’s evil. He’s wicked. He’s Satanic,” Whitt says, quoting the woman. “And he has been harassing her, but she can’t prove it.” The woman also claimed to have talked to Mormon leaders at her place of worship, who also failed to act.

After the voicemail ends, Whitt, laughing, exclaims: “She called us like we were gay animal control to come remove the bothersome homosexual from her neighborhood!”

At the last update the “bothersome” homosexuals are still on the loose and the old Mormon woman is still losing her caffeine/liquor-free mother fucking mind.

@jacksonwhitt In her defence, I’m usually havung problems with gay person too 🏳️‍🌈 #lgbt #lgbtq #queer #queercomedy #gaytiktok #gayboy #gaybear ♬ original sound – Jackson Carter

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