Ethan Hawke To Star In Pedro Almodovar's Gay Western "The Strange Ways Of Life."

Ethan Hawke To Star In Pedro Almodovar’s Gay Western “The Strange Ways Of Life.”

Ethan Hawke, who’s known for everything from Reality Bites to his new horror film The Black Phone, is set to star in Western short film Strange Way of Life, directed by Pedro Almodóvar.

Hawke will be taking the screen as Jake, a desert-dwelling sheriff who hasn’t seen Silva, a gunslinger played by Pedro Pascal, in 25 years, with the two characters living on completely opposite sides of the desert.

Almodóvar who turned down an offer to direct Brokeback Mountain in the early 2000’s, saying that Strange Way of Life would be his “answer” to the 2005 Western gay romance.

We shall see.

Strange Way of Life is set to start production in late August, with an official release date being uncertain

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