Nikki Haley Says Florida's "Don't Say Gay" Law Doesn't Go Far Enough

New Jersey GOP State Rep Introduces “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

New Jersey State Senator Edward Durr Jr., a Republican and former commercial truck driver and current homophobe has introduced a bill prohibiting kindergarten through sixth-grade teachers from engaging in classroom instruction related to sexual orientation or gender identity. Seventh- through twelfth-grade students may only be educated on either topic if consent is given by a parent or guardian.

Via The Hill:

“Any student whose parent or guardian does not provide prior written consent shall be excused from that portion of the course where such instruction is provided and no penalties as to credit or graduation shall result therefrom,” reads a portion of the bill introduced Monday. Under the bill, a parent or guardian may take legal action against their child’s school if their child has been taught about sexual orientation or gender identity without their consent. If a school district or employee “knowingly violates” the proposed law, the state Office of the Attorney General may seek an injunction.

GOP legislators in 16 other states this year have argued that lessons related to sexual orientation and gender identity don’t belong in the classroom and are “inappropriate”. They are using this as a wedge issue going into the midterms and as an opportunity to score political points with the Christofascist GOP all while trying to destroy what we have fought for and hold so dearly.

Our rights. OUR LIVES are being attacked.


If you don’t those rights that get lost, will be yours.

1 thought on “New Jersey GOP State Rep Introduces “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

  1. I personally believe these homophobic representatives need to be put out of office. They are liars, ignorant, and have no place in making rules and laws that will be changed or voted down, in a Democratic state. Enough is enough. No one taught me anything about being gay in school and the only thing I learned at 5 years old, was a janitor sticking his dick in my mouth in the basement of the school, no teacher, just the janitor and I wake up from the taste of the powdered condoms to this day. WTF, these kids need to learn honestly and not be treated as me and many of my young friends. I can’t deal with politics lately, the queers, not the legitimate gay people are taking over!!!!

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