Russian Court "Liquidates" LGBT Rights Group Over "Traditional Values."

Russian Court “Liquidates” LGBT Rights Group Over “Traditional Values.”

The Kuibyshevsky District Court in St. Petersburg, Russia ordered last week that theLGBT+ Human Rights Charitable Foundation Sphere be liquidated.  The Sphere Foundation was founded in 2011 by Russian LGBT rights activist, Igor Kochetkov.

In February, Russia’s Justice Ministry filed a lawsuit seeking to “liquidate” [disband & dissolve] Sphere Foundation arguing the group’s activities run contrary to “traditional values.”

Judge Tatiana Kuzovkina ruled in favour of the Justice Ministry’s argument that the activities of Sphere ran contrary to the Russian state policy designed to preserve, expand and develop [the country’s] human capital.” The ministry also claimed that Sphere of spreading “LGBT views” and working with people under the age of 18, aspiring, among other things, to “change Russian federal legislation regarding the LGBT movement” – Russia'[s infamous and deadly  “gay propagandalaw.

Via The Blade:

“With Sphere, the authorities have explicitly disclosed their political and anti-rights motivation from the starting block. After years of hindering the work of LGBT rights activists with the use of the “foreign agent” and “gay propaganda” laws, the authorities now demand the organization be shut down in the name of “traditional values.” The courts should not be compliant with this act of political, homophobic censorship that blatantly violate Russia’s human rights obligations.”

By the end of 2021, the Far Eastern Center for LGBT and Victims of Violence “Mayak” and the St. Petersburg LGBT initiative group “Coming Out” were also registered as that of “foreign agents”.

Earlier this month the Justice Ministry on April 8, 2022 canceled the registration of Human Rights Watch, along with Amnesty International and 13 other offices of foreign nongovernmental organizations and foundations. Human Rights Watch had maintained an office in Russia for 30 years. The action was announced just days after an appeals court upheld the liquidation of another of Russia’s human rights organizations.

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