Tornado Hit’s Florida Republican’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill Author’s House

Rep. Joe Harding’s Ocala home was among those damaged by severe weather in Central Florida Saturday. (Harding is the aurhor of Florida’s Don’t Say Gay Bill.) The Ocala Republican was not at home, though family was. No injuries were reported. “We are blessed,” he said. “It could have been a lot worse. Harding said a tornado touched down in his Ocala neighborhood. His next-door neighbor’s home was severely damaged and seven and 10 homes suffered “catastrophic damage,” Harding said.

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Dear Rep. Harding: This was a warning shot — get your act together. Signed, God


One thought on “Tornado Hit’s Florida Republican’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill Author’s House

  1. While I’m certainly no fan of Harding or his bill, it’s a bit disturbing when joy is taken in an event where surrounding homes did have “catastrophic damage.” If that’s a warning shot to Harding, the inference is that those whose homes were leveled and are now homeless deserved it. Not cool.

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