Chechnya General Who Led Country’s “Gay Purge” KILLED in Ukraine War.


It has been reported that Chechen general Magomed Tusayan was killed on Saturday during fighting in the Ukraine. . Tusayan was responsible for leading the anti-gay purge in that country that led to torturing and murdering of hundreds of gay men and other memeber of the LBT community.

Both the Pakistani Times and a defense reporter for The Kyiv Independent, confirmed: “Magomed Tushayev, one of Ramzan Kadyrov’s top warlords, has been killed in action in Hostomel. Ukraine’s elite Alpha Group is reportedly fighting Chechens in the airfield.”

Since 2017, Chechen security operatives and other officials in the Kadyrov regime, including Tushayev sources confirmed, have rounded up countless numbers of men on suspicion of being gay, held them in unofficial detention facilities for days, humiliated, starved and tortured, and in some cases murdered them in what is dubbed Chechnya’s ‘anti-gay purge,”

One former detainee said that the torturers showed him a graphic video of a suspected terrorist having a plastic pipe inserted into his anus and then barbed wire forced into the pipe and ripped out of his rectum. The torturers videotaped the torture, showed it to a gay man and revealed that they had brought a similar plastic pipe and barb wire to use on him. The man then confessed, revealing his gay associates to avoid a similar fate.

Russian singer Zelimkhan Bakaev  an early victim was arrested, tortured, and murdered by Chechen authorities due to suspicion of homosexuality.”

His body has still not been found.

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