NYC’s Increasingly Problematic Mayor Appoints Anti-LGBT Politician to Top Position

Mayor-elect Eric Adams pledges to make NYC 'safer' and more  'business-friendly'

BitCoins, nepotism, telling NYC businesses to open all offices COVID be damned, harassment of the homeless these are just a FEW of New York City’s new Mayor Eric Adam most recent eyebrow raising antics. But now Adam’s has crossed the line by putting anti-LGBT far right wing DINO Rev. Erick Salgado.

In 2013 Salgado was endorsement from the antigay hate group National Organization for Marriage, a nonprofit formed for the sole purpose of opposing same-sex marriage.

During a candidate forum, Salgado criticized his opponents for marching in Pride parade, and sold himself as the “only one who did not march” and as “the only one who [is] willing to say in public that I only believe in traditional marriage.”

But of course it gets worse.

Salgado objected to the Parks Department erecting statues in the Sheepshead Bay Holocaust Memorial Park in honor of non-Jewish victims of the Nazis, including LGBTQ people, calling it “a betrayal of the community and even worse, disrespectful to the memory of those who perished in the Holocaust.”

Rumor has it that Adams is also considering appointing former New York City Councilman Fernando Cabrera to a “faith-based” position in the administration, after backing off a previous plan to appoint him as the city’s top mental health official after his anti-LGBTQ views came to light, including once expressing support for a Ugandan law that would have seen gay people executed.

Who voted for Adam’s exactly and why?

3 thoughts on “NYC’s Increasingly Problematic Mayor Appoints Anti-LGBT Politician to Top Position

  1. We (NYCers) had no choice but to vote for Adams–it was either him or Curtis Sliwa (a Republican)! I DID NOT vote for Adams in the Primaries! It was a matter of voting for the least worst…

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