Hass Foundation To Halt Grants $$$'s to LGBT Non-Profits

Hass Jr. Foundation To Halt Grants $$$’s to LGBT Non-Profits

After 21 years The Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Fund announced on January 28 that it is commencing a “two-year wind-down” of its grants for LGBT equality non-profits.

To date the fund has invested a total of $105 million over the years to LGBT programs.

“Recognizing the challenges in achieving nationwide federal protections, and citing a new wave of anti-transgender laws in the states, Cathy and Robert acknowledged that the LGBT movement’s work is far from over. In the coming two years, the fund will be providing its LGBT grantees with the transitional support they need to prepare for the next chapter in their work. This will include unrestricted general operating support and capacity-building support for fundraising.” – via Bay Area Reporter

The Haas Jr. fund is shifting its focus “to be more rooted in our home state of California.” When asked why this won’t include funding LGBTQ equality efforts in California, Sadiq stated, “We are a policy and outcomes oriented foundation and California already has by far the strongest pro-LGBT laws in the nation.”

Roger Doughty, president of Horizons Foundation, a San Francisco-based philanthropic that also makes grants to LGBT nonprofits called the funds halting its donations as a “bad news” for the LGBT community.

“The bad news is that the exit of any major funder is a loss, since funding for everything from LGBT legal equality to LGBT health care, from support for LGBT elders to empowering queer youth — and so much more — remains terribly underfunded. 

This is a devastating loss to LGBT equality non-profits across the country.

In 2019 the Evelyn and Walter Haas Fund had a total net worth of $462,643,912

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