There Can Be Twice As Many LGBT American's As Previously Estimated.

There Can Be Twice As Many LGBT American’s As Previously Estimated.

Back in 2010 and 2011 we reported on two flawed poll taken by Gallup and Dr. Gary Gates an openly gay researcher from the Williams Institute that attempted to debunk Alfred Kinsey’s earlier estimate of 10% as the number of LGBT American’s and knocked down the estimate to 3.9%.

A report, released Thursday analyzes data from the Census Bureau may prove Kinsey right. . It states that 8% of respondents to the Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey said they were lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. And these are just from the respondents who would openly state their sexuality.

“While the exact number of LGBTQ+ people living in the United States is unknown, recent
data from the Household Pulse Survey, a national household probability survey administered by the Census Bureau, would suggest that roughly 20 million adults in the United States could be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people. Millions more could identify with terms more expansive than these four, but it’s still unknown exactly how they identify.”

That’s over double earlier estimates of the LGBT community’s size in the U.S.

I think Dr. Alfred Kinsey and the LGBT community deserve an apology from both Gallop and Dr. Gary Gates.

2 thoughts on “There Can Be Twice As Many LGBT American’s As Previously Estimated.

  1. Unfortunately, if I am understanding your article, we still do no know the answer to that question, right? So before getting any apologies let’s expect those 2 and the government and researchers to get busy and find out the damn truth. Of course, we/they will also need to describe/define/decide just what is the question: LGBT or LGBTI or LGBTIQ or LGBTIQ+ or LGBTIQQ+ … and then there’s the non-binary and sometimes even the asexual people, who also want to be counted. Where do they go in the labels? Oh my, oh my.

    1. But it’s great news, the increase! Always suspected that the current 3-4% of “adults” was way too little. Transgender people are under counted even more.

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