Qatar Officials Seize Rainbow Colored 'Un-Islamic' Toys Before World Cup

Qatar Officials Seize Rainbow Colored ‘Un-Islamic’ Toys Before World Cup

Qatari authorities have “confiscated a line of children’s toys” claiming that the they “go against Islamic values,” according the the Brit newspaper, The Guardian.

The one thing the all the toys had in common; they were RAINBOW colored.

The Qatari government trumpeted the seizure, with the “ministry of commerce and industry” taking to Twitter to slam the toys. The ministry included photos of some of the impounded merchandise, including “rubber stress balls and other toys in rainbow colors.

The government’s vague reasons did not spell out the fact that the confiscated property was colored in rainbow hues, but news outlets readily picked up on that fact.

In “a separate statement on the official QNA news agency,” the ministry encouraged the people of Qatar “to report any product bearing logos or designs contrary to our traditions,”

The Guardian

Qatar’s non-existent LGBT rights record has been under the spotlight ever since it was chosen as host of the 2022 World Cup in 2010.

Australia’s Josh Cavallo, the openly gay, active premiere league soccer player said he would be “scared” to play in Qatar.

Qatar as the second most dangerous place to travel for LGBT people,.

The Qatar government downplayed the country’s hostile laws, framing the issue as one of “modesty.”

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