Back2Stonewall Halloween EXTRA! – “Jack and Diane” Featuring: Lesbian Werewolves and Kylie Minouge! – [Video]

Director Bradley Rust Gray’s coming-of-age lesbian romance film  Jack and Diane stars Juno Temple (seen most recently in The Dark Knight Rises) as Diane, and Riley Keough (The Runaways) as Jack — two girls who fall in love in New York City.

The pair’s blossoming relationship hits a snag, however, when Diane’s aunt, Linda, (Kylie sporting some trailer-trash tattoos!) announces that Diane will be departing for school in France in a few short weeks. The news of Diane’s planned departure pushes Jack away (she tells Diane at one point in the trailer, “Don’t stay for me, okay?”), eliciting strange and somewhat violent changes in Diane.

Jack and Diane is an unusual combination of tender adolescent romance and gruesome body horror, the latter courtesy of some fantastic stop-motion work from the Quay Brothers. Throw in some humor (which you don’t really get in the trailer), and gorgeous cinematography by Anne Misawa, and of course Kylie  and you get an interesting  Halloween exercise in horror and gender studies.


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