Grifter Franklin Graham: "GOD HATES PRIDE"!

Scam-vangelist Franklin Graham Asks for Prays to Jesus to Have SCOTUS End All LGBT Rights

Via Franklin Grahams Facebook page:

Bakers, florists, photographers, now web designers. Where will it end? LGBT activists want to force their agenda on the rest of the world. Lorie Smith, a Christian web designer from Colorado, is fighting in the courts to protect her right to not create websites that promote and communicate messages violating her religious beliefs and conscience. Lorie is fine with serving all people, but she should never have to create websites and graphics supporting topics that go against her personal beliefs and values. Lorie’s Alliance Defending Freedom attorney, Kristen Waggoner, said, “The government shouldn’t weaponize the law to force a web designer to speak messages that violate her beliefs…” Yesterday Lorie’s case was petitioned to the Supreme Court. Pray that they will hear it and rule in favor of free speech, rights of conscience and religious liberty. Let Lorie know you prayed for her and this important case in the comments below.


Franklin Graham who has a reported net worth of $10 million dollars has a very long history of anti-lgbt terrorism.

Graham. The son of revered preacher Billy Graham wrote that Russian President Vladimir Putin “is right” in the actions he has taken against gay men and lesbians in his country. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of LGBT hate this supposed “Christian” Reverend spews while running the “Christian” charity Samantha’s Purse which he receives $750k a year from in compensation from and that of course is 501c tax exempt charity.

One thought on “Scam-vangelist Franklin Graham Asks for Prays to Jesus to Have SCOTUS End All LGBT Rights

  1. Graham, has disgusted me and I think many others in different groups or living situations around the world. He buys peoples support by feeding them in foreign countries and even here. Then again of course here, he has his own homegrown false christian followers. They make up what they think their bible is telling them Religion needs to pay taxes on everything they do in the name of that particular religion, including taking donations to feed the poor and shelter the homeless. They otherwise just keep it for themselves tax free. This creep has made real chrisitanity and believers into a big joke. Taking away the rights of true believes by forcing their own pick and choose verses from the bible on people. Of course many believers can’t read, but take the words of these False Profit Makers, to be God’s Word! Sorry Franklin you are on the wrong side again, but what’s new! I say fucking ban him and his oranization and as far as the supreme court, they should be ashamed of themselves if they even entertain taking this case. We have legalized gay marriage for crying out loud!! What will they do with that. That Amy C Barrett, is a piece of work, along with Thomas, and the Courts Chief Rapist, which isn’t Chief Justice Roberts that I mean. Let’s get the current congress to get off their asses and do something to make this stop once and for all. They are taking our tax dollars for their pay, but not giving us representation, just like scotus!!! Fucing Hypocrites, all of them…… I’m disgusted by them including the democrats allowing this to happen by doing nothing again when they have the power to make things better for all Americans..

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