Tennessee State Republicans Block Resolution Honoring Singer T.J. Osborne Because He’s Gay

Tennessee State Republicans Block Resolution Honoring Singer T.J. Osborne Because He’s Gay

Tennessee State Republican legislators carried on with their anti-gay agenda 1234 again this week when when they blocked a symbolic resolution honoring country music star T.J. Osborne who recently came out as being gay.

State Rep. Jeremy Faison, chair of the House Republican Caucus, rejected the measure despite unanimous passage in the Republican-controlled state senate. Faison cited concerns that the resolution “wasn’t heard in committee, and I feel like it needs to be.”

The Republican controlled State House had previously voted for measures that honored dangerous rightwing pundits Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens. Neither resolution went through a committee and GOP legislators unanimously approved the honors. Only Republicans voted to send Osborne’s resolution to the committee.

“I wish I could say this didn’t hurt, but it does,” TJ Osborne wrote in an Instagram Story post

Grammy-winning singer Kacey Musgrave also expressed her disgust with the Tennessee GOP legislators 

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  1. I am equally disgusted by every state that is trying to put their own spin on the Bible, and what it says in their translations. It seems odd that it is only translated to meet things these closed minded bigots feel is right. They have no idea what it really says. From my understanding they condemned Christ for teaching Unconditional Love, Raising Lazarus from being dead, and for telling the group around Mary Madgaline, let he without sin to cast the first stone. They are a bunch of Hypocrites. T.J.Osborne, Hold your head up high and proud. You are in good company. I am proud of you! As are our brothers and sisters that have lived this life and walked in your shoes debating how to come out and if we should. You did do the right thing my friend, I’m so proud of you and your brother. Love has no boundries nor does it judge with the ignorance you are confronting.

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