That Time Chris Evans Accidentally Leaked His Own Dick Pic - NSWF

That Time Chris Evans Accidentally Leaked His Own Dick Pic – NSWF

Chris Evans aka Captain America accidentally uploaded a nude photos of himself while attempting to post an Instagram video on Saturday.

While playing a game of “Heads Up,” Evans shared the video without trimming the clip, which then revealed a gallery of videos and pictures tiles and the end, including one featuring a photo of an erect penis.

Twitter literally exploded and after realizing what happened Evans quickly deleted the clip, but it was too late.

America’s ass and eggplant.

11 thoughts on “That Time Chris Evans Accidentally Leaked His Own Dick Pic – NSWF

  1. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I think you should remove the picture. He deleted it from social media because he likely didn’t want everyone to see it, and it’s kind of a violation of his consent to share it.

      1. You searched for this… Nobody looks something up like this just to complain about it still being online.

    1. He is a public figure that fucked up, he can only blame himself for this.
      Also he is not the brightest of them all

  2. Please. No one as skilled in the art of media manipulation as a top billing extremely well paid Hollywood actor would ‘accidentally’ drop a doc pic, delete it from their own feed, creating even more demand & interest and then be ‘offended’ at the success of the ahem, accidental publication.

    1. Assuming it was a faux pax in the first place. There are millions of gullible who believe it happened organically while most likely being carefully planned and prepared by some fancy PR firm

  3. uhm. i think that the pic should be removed bc i think chris removed it from social media for a reason? so i feel like it’s extremely rude to continue sharing it. seeing as how he also did it on accident? he didn’t share his pic on purpose so i don’t think you should be either? especially since it’s also not your pic so. uhm. yeah. he clearly didn’t want his… thing… on the internet so i think you should take the photo away.

  4. Seriously… to the people who came here to complain to the uploader that he/she still keeps it online…. You searched for this. Don’t act like yall are so well behaved

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