PRIDE Media Owner Donates to Anti-LGBT Republicans AGAIN

BUSTED! – PRIDE Media Owner Donates to Anti-LGBT Republicans AGAIN

Adam Levin, the owner of Oreva Capital, the parent company of Pride Media—which puts out The Advocate and Out has once again been caught donating to anti-LGBT republicans.

OpenSecrets, a website that tracks political donations, shows that Levin, gave $2,800 each to two extremely anti-LGBT Republican Senate incumbents North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis and Montana Sen. Steve Daines.

In 2018, Levin who happens to be straight was busted about his previous donations to anti-LGBT Republicans Devin Nunes, Dean Heller, Josh Mandel, and Dana Rohrabacher and pledged never again to donate to anti-LGBT politicians.

OpenSecrets shows no record of Levin’s support for pro-LGBT candidates this time around.

Earlier this year Levin and Pride Media, had proven chronically unable or unwilling to pay freelancer journalist after publishing their works despite numerous promises. It took over a year for some to finally get paid.

Shameful. Juist fucking shameful.

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