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New COVID-19 Outbreak in South Korea Linked To Gay Man, Homophobic Hate Rises in Country

A new outbreak of coronavirus in South Korea has been linked to an infected gay man who visited many LGBT night spots and now has led to a rise in reports of homophobia in that country.

Over 100 new coronavirus cases in South Korea have been traced to Seoul nightlife spots, all of which have temporarily closed, with a 29-year-old man identified as an original spreader.

After a story on the man was published in Kookmin Ilbo, a newspaper founded by a church, social media was flooded with homophobic slurs and messages placing blame on the man and homosexual clubbers for reviving coronavirus, according to the Associated Press—and CNN reports that gay South Koreans have received threats on the dating app Grindr.

According to a Seoul gay rights activist outreach to his group have increased 70-fold, with the majority coming from gay men who fear they could lose their jobs if they are tested and need to self-quarantine.

South Korea’s national police agency has deployed some 8,500 officers (link in Korean) nationwide, in a race against time to identify people who visited nightlife venues

Because of the outbreak South Korea has delayed reopening schools another week .

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