The VILLAGE PEOPLE Are Fine With Donald Trump Playing Gay Anthems 'YMCA,' and 'Macho Man'

The VILLAGE PEOPLE Are Fine With Donald Trump Playing Gay Anthems ‘YMCA,’ and ‘Macho Man’

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The group that now calls themselves The Village People ARE NOT the originals with the exception of lead singer Victor Willis. “Can’t Stop The Music Entertainment” lost the rights to the name and the music in 2017 to the original Policeman Victor Willis who was only with the group 2 years and later went on to be Mr. Phylicia Rashad, a drug addict, arrested for various other charges and was even featured on “America’s Most Wanted,” This is not OUR Village People but Willis’ and his last grasp at milking every cent out of the brand and this should not tarnish the memories of the original group.

The latest reincarnation of the Village People have turned their backs on their LGBT fan base and given the go-ahead for President Donald Trump to plays its songs at events, despite being flooded with requests and complaints urging the the recycled group to block the president’s use of the music.

Remember everyone this is not our beloved Village People from the late 1970’s and 1980’s but a group one person removed from being a cover band. And a rather cringeworthy cover band at that.

David Hodo the Village People’s original construction worker weighs in:

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  1. As I understand it, regardless of the band’s status or Willis’ talent or lack thereof, what he says in the tweet is correct. Artists have very little recourse if a politician wants to play their music at an event. It’s not a for profit use so copyright does not protect it. Basically, they can ask the candidate not to play their stuff, but the candidate can pretty much say fuck you, we’re doing it anyway.

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