WHAT A MAROON - Donald Trump Testifies That He Fears “Dangerous Fruit” 

Rush Limbaugh Says Trump Called Him And Said To “Never Apologize” For His Homophobic Comments About Pete Buttigieg

Via The Daily Beast:

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday addressed the controversy over his homophobic attacks on Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, revealing that President Donald Trump called him and advised him to “never apologize” for the remarks.

On the Tuesday edition of his radio show, the right-wing talker insisted that he was entirely unaware of the firestorm his remarks had created—until the president checked in to see how his treatment for lung cancer was going.

“So, he called back, and he said ‘Rush, I just got to tell you something. Never apologize, don’t ever—’ and I said, ‘For what?’” Limbaugh noted.

“Well, I had no idea this thing had even bubbled up, you know? I’m doing the medical thing that I have to do here. And I wasn’t even aware of this.”

Yes Rush never apologize. just go to your grave an unrepentant douchebag and not care what hateful garbage you left behind.

As for Donald Trump. No one loves you. They merely hate alongside you.

Have a nice day.

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