Pete Buttigieg Leads in Iowa Caucus With 62% Reported

Pete Buttigieg Leads in Iowa Caucus Results With 62% Reported

This is a historic day for gay americans.

CNN reports:

Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, held a narrow lead in the Iowa caucuses on Tuesday night, according to a partial release of a majority of the results by the state Democratic party a day after an embarrassing organizational breakdown that marred the biggest night of the election year so far.

Buttigieg was trailed closely by the Vermont senator Bernie Sanders and the Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren with former vice-president Joe Biden in a distant fourth place, based on a tally of 62% of the precincts reporting.

Iowa awards only 41 delegates, who eventually nominate the Democratic presidential candidate at the party’s national convention in July, which represents around just 1% of the national total.

The results show that Pete Buttigieg earned the highest percentage of delegates thus far at 26.9%, followed by Sen. Bernie Sanders at 25.1%, Sen. Elizabeth Warren at 18.3% and Joe Biden at 15.6%. Sanders is leading the popular vote with 28,220 votes, followed by Buttigieg at 27,030, Warren at 22,254 and Biden at 14,176.

Harvey Milk would be proud of both Pete and his supporters who made this possible.

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