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Joe Biden Attacks Pete Buttigieg In New Ad, Buttigieg Camp Hits Back

Joe Bidens’ campaign released a attack ad about Pete Buttigieg and his accomplishments as mayor of South Bend, Indiana, as compared to Biden’s former Vice President record on national policy.

Via The Insider:

Both Vice President Biden and former Mayor Pete Buttigieg have taken on tough fights,” the ad voiceover says. “Under threat of a nuclear Iran, Joe Biden helped to negotiate the Iran deal. And under threat of disappearing pets, Buttigieg negotiated lighter licensing regulations on pet chip scanners.

The ad continues: “We’re electing a President. What you’ve done matters.” When President Obama called on him, Joe Biden helped lead the passage of the Affordable Care Act. And when park goers called on Pete Buttigieg, he installed decorative lights under bridges, giving citizens of South Bend colorfully illuminated rivers.”

Pete Buttigiegs’ campaign responded:

At this moment, the American people are crying out for something completely different from this classic Washington-style of politics.

While Washington politics trivializes what goes on in communities like South Bend, South Bend residents who now have better jobs, rising income, and new life in their city don’t think their lives are a Washington politician’s punchline.

Pete’s on-the-ground experience as mayor, turning around a Midwestern industrial city, is exactly why he is running for president.

The vice president’s decision to run this ad speaks more to where he currently stands in this race than it does about Pete’s perspective as a mayor and veteran.

Joe Biden seems to forget that he once said: “I’ve never had an interest in being mayor. That’s a real job. You have to produce. That is why I have been a senator for 36 years.” March 29, 2012

One thought on “Joe Biden Attacks Pete Buttigieg In New Ad, Buttigieg Camp Hits Back

  1. Seems like Biden & Sanders both can’t let go of the politics of the past. Pete is doing just fine and is going to kick both their asses because of it. I am proud of Pete Buttigieg and haven’t stood behind a candidate so firmly as I have him. It has nothing to do with him being gay, though I see that as a bonus for me and others like me. He is progressive, and ready to move us ahead. However I think that being the only Veteran, with War Experience in the race, speaks volumes about his character.. Being a disabled veteran from the early 70’s, helps me see him as someone that actually had that can do attitude and he will do what he says. Go Pete, Go!!!
    H.J. Ward

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