Bernie Sanders: Mike Bloomberg Should Be Barred From Democrat Debates

Bernie Sanders: Mike Bloomberg Should Be Barred From Democratic Debates

Via CBS News:

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said it’s “very unfortunate” a rule change could allow his fellow presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg into the next Democratic debates. The qualifications no longer include a unique-donor threshold.

“That is what being a multi-billionaire is about. Some very good friends of mine who were competing in the Democratic nomination — people like Cory Booker of New Jersey, Julián Castro — work really, really hard. Nobody changed the rules to get them in the debate,” he said on “CBS This Morning” Friday.

“But I guess if you’re worth $60 billion, you can change the rules. I think that is very, very unfortunate,” he added.

Interestingly Bernie Sanders no problems with a rule change that would allow an Independent to run & debate in a Democratic primary.

3 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders: Mike Bloomberg Should Be Barred From Democratic Debates

  1. Typical Bernie! I lived under his rule as mayor in Burlington, VT. I am a native Vermonter and did work on a couple of his campaigns until I saw how he used a few people with money. Especially if they just came into it and he’d be like a vulcher… He is as crooked as they make them and hasn’t done that much for Vermonters, no matter what he says. He has done more for other states that have more electoral votes. We have lost so many dairy farms in our state and he brags how much he has helped our farmers. He is just pissed because someone smarter and with a little more money than he has, is able to run. He could care less about his ” friends” Cory Booker & Castro. He’s glad they aren’t in his way anymore, now he’s using them as an excuse to make a point that doesn’t need to be made. He is afraid Bloomberg will beat him. I won’t vote for Bernie if he is the nominee. I will still write in Pete Buttigieg. I’ve seen write in candidates win in Vermont before. To hear Bernie tell it, he is all about Vermont. He didn’t even use a Vermont doctor until he had the heart attack, and he also doesn’t use many other Vermont products and services one would think he should use. He’s a user and loser!! He cannot afford to pay for all the programs he is shouting about, and finally admits he doesn’t know what they will cost. Something that isn’t like him but was pressured into that admission. I’d vote Bloomberg if he won the Democratic nomination. I want Pete, but will vote for any other person on the ticket, except, Sanders. I’ve been voting in Vermont since 1970. I have seen many politicians here I’ve supported and worked for, and Bernie is the first one I regret giving the time of day to. He has a way like the pied piper. Sucking in the young and naive, then leading them down the wrong road. People vote for him not knowing just what a lifer he is, and only out for himself. He isn’t for the state he represents nor will he be for the country any more than trump!

    1. I get what you’re saying, but making a stand like that is exactly the problem we had last time. Do you not understand that attitude along with foreign ended up with Trump. It is time to stop the stopping of the feet and do something for your country. IF Bernie becomes the candidate, I will hold my nose and vote for him, but I will do all I can for country by voting for the person who can win and dump trump.

      1. Well, Cats4pat, I’m a disabled vet from 1971 and have watched more stuff go on with to many people afraid to take a stand. Lets help them do what they want and put another asshole in office. Knowing what I know, seeing what I’ve seen. Please don’t tie me with the foreign governments and traitors of this land. I will vote for whom I want, and it certainly won’t be for trump. Nor will I allow anyone to influence others to vote for someone they think is best. We all have a reason for voting the way we do. I have seen write in’s here in my state get elected when we have 2 losers running on the main 2 party tickets. I will vote how I feel, and that is writing in Pete Buttigieg if Bernie the Cheating Sanders, wins by some off chance with the kids following him not having a clue what’s going on around them. That is exactly what I see. Sanders is not anywhere near an honorable individual and I won’t have any part of helping him win any more than I will trump. People aren’t stupid and enough of my generation will come out and vote this time around and they certainly are smart enough to know he cannot afford any of the programs he’s pushing. Even though they sound good to those who haven’t really ever experienced living in a world that is poor, hungry and drafted!

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