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Donald Trump Had Mar-a-Lago Fumigated After Visit from AIDS-Afflicted Friend and Mentor Roy Cohn

A new book called The Fixers claims that in 1986 after he was paid a visit by his former friend and mentor Roy Cohn, who was dying of AIDS that Donald Trump had Mar-a-Lago fumigated.

Newsweek reports:

By 1986, Cohn, ‘whose homosexuality and promiscuity were an open secret,’ the book says, was in the last few months of his life, dying as a consequence of AIDS, though he denied this publicly and claimed to be fighting liver cancer. Early that year, Trump ‘invited Cohn for what seemed like a farewell dinner at Mar-a-Lago… At the table, the place settings were ornate, and a gold candelabra rested on the table. Guests paid tribute to the dying lawyer,’ the book says.”

The book also states that after Roy Cohn’s last visit to Mar-a-Lago when he was in the final stages of AIDS, Trump told guests, “I had to spend a fortune to fumigate all the dishes and silverware.”

For those of you who don’t know Roy Cohn has been described as the “Most Evil Closet Case” in all of LGBT History.

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  1. He could pay to fumigate then, but couldn’t do it on his own when it was filled with bedbugs and cockroaches. What a lowlife piece of shit!!!

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