Bob Green and Anita Bryant

Bob Green, Anita Bryant’s Ex-Husband Died Full Of Hatred, Bigotry, and Blaming the Gays Till The Bitter End

Bob Green, was a one time radio DJ who married Miss Oklahoma and orange juice spokesman Anita Bryant and managed her career and then followed her into anti-gay activism, which ultimately destroyed their careers — and marriage in 1980. For more than 30 years Green lived alone full of hate and resentment blaming gays for all of his problems.  Green was found dead Jan. 26, 2012 at his home in Miami Beach. He was 80.

From the Washington Post:

In 1977, Mr. Green and Bryant led a successful effort to repeal Miami-Dade County’s newly passed gay rights ordinance, Bryant out front and the tall, handsome Green behind the scenes, as he had been when he managed her singing career……
Flush with victory in Miami-Dade, the couple founded Anita Bryant Ministries, which offered “deprogramming” and halfway houses for gays and a lecture series called “Design for Successful Living,” aimed at battling divorce..

In 1980, Bryant filed for divorce, a scandal in the Christian circles where she’d been revered. Mr. Green begged her to reconcile in an open letter: “Let us both put aside all other earthly considerations and reunite in Christian love.”Bryant wasn’t interested. She told People magazine: “Divorce is against everything I believe in. I wanted to save my marriage, but I decided that was not the route to go.”

The following year, she told a woman’s magazine that the marriage “was never much good to begin with” and hinted that both had been unfaithful. 

In 2007, Mr. Green told the Miami Herald that he blamed gay people for the turmoil in his life because “their stated goal was to put [Bryant] out of business and destroy her career. And that’s what they did. It’s unfair.”

So many forget that Bryant and Green obsessed when Miami-Dade County added an amendment to its human rights ordinance, making it illegal to discriminate in housing, employment, loans, and public accommodations based on “affectional or sexual preference.” And that the Bryants’ are the “originator” of the lie that children would be molested or converted by gay perverts. “As a mother,” Anita shamelessly explained, “I know that homosexuals cannot biologically reproduce children; therefore, they must recruit our children.”

Bryant and Greene fanned the flames of anti-gay bigotry with speaking tours that made her a national spokesperson against “homosexual rights.” She was the star attraction at rallies that led to the repeal of gay rights in numerous cities, and she came to California to support the Briggs Initiative in 1978, which failed, but would have banned homosexuals or anyone advocating the “gay lifestyle” from teaching in public schools. “I don’t hate the homosexuals,” she wrote in a fundraising letter. “But as a mother, I must protect my children from their evil influence.” and promised she would “seek help and change for homosexuals, whose sick and sad values belie the word ‘gay’ which they pathetically use to cover their unhappy lives.”

Anita Bryant and Bob Green sowed hate. And for that they lost their fortune, their OJ gig, and their marriage. And in the end Bob Green died alone, bitter and filled with hate..

15 thoughts on “Bob Green, Anita Bryant’s Ex-Husband Died Full Of Hatred, Bigotry, and Blaming the Gays Till The Bitter End

  1. “Take note Tony Perkins, Bryan J. Fischer, and Maggie Gallagher this is what happens when people who are more concerned about how others should live than their own happiness are going to face this same bitter end.”

    Add Mr. Frothy Mix to this. He has effectively destroyed his career after he loses the nomination. He will be finished.

  2. What a irrational idiot and bigot you are. You are so full of hate for anything that’s not gay or controversial. I would hate to be have to withstand the torture it would be to share any time with you. You are a disgusting drum beater with a poison pen. Lies flow from your mouth trying to become popular like WaPo makes up news. You can go fuck yourself.
    Bill Green

    1. Oh, do shut up, Bill Green, you pitiful None of us hates anything that is not gay. YOU are the hater, and doubtless a closet case, like ALL homophobes. I am sure Jesus, a brown-skinned, Jewish, probably gay socialist, who never once mentioned homosexuality, would SPIT on the likes of YOU.

    2. You are the one that the hateful person. That man had nothing but hate in his heart his whole life for homosexual people. You can go fuck yourself

  3. How about use the word love and it’s meaning. My brother was gay and nothing is perfect in nature when we are made. We can’t judge or condemm others. Only God has that sole job of doing so. Instead of straight vs gay trying to shove each other’s lives down each other’s throats take the time instead to honor God and be productive to make this place a better world. Let’s all stop the hate, fight against socialism controls and corruption. We all have a right to be here and live free with many unique thoughts and opinions. Love comes from God. The you in the mirror is in charge of living that love.

      1. Jesus was Progressive AND…LOVED Everyone and if he ever comes back….The ones who claim they’re “Christian” and spread hate and division….Are in For An Epic Suprise!Yup.

    1. Phil your comment is the best comment I have seen on this feed.I agree with you. Don’t judge and be understanding because no one knows what people go through or have been through in their lives. Only God knows and therefore is the only fair judge.

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