Florida Father Abandons Gay Son At The Side Of The Road

Florida Father Abandons Gay Son By The Side Of The Road

Via Tampa’s ABC News:

A father who police say left his juvenile son on the side of the road because he suspects his son is gay is due in court Tuesday. The incident occurred Sunday, Haines City Police say in an affidavit.

The boy, whose age was redacted, was dropped off in front of the closed police department with a small duffel bag with several pieces of clothing, according to police. The boy had no food, water, or money with him.

An officer dispatched to the location said the boy was very upset and crying. According to the report, the boy told the officer that his father, 30-year-old Evenaud Julmeus, thinks he is gay because his father found him “watching male pornography on his cell phone.”

According to documents, the boys father told his son to pack a bag because the police were going to find him a new family.

The father fled the his home before police arrived, leaving other small children left unattended.

3 thoughts on “Florida Father Abandons Gay Son By The Side Of The Road

  1. I am so upset by things like this. I know in my state they are trying to get fathers custody or half custody that have been in drug rehab programs and that have been in jail for same. It isn’t working because they have no clear program that follows these guys. I speak from experience and I tell you one I listen speak to his 12 yr old son who belonged to an LGBTQ Group at the school he has been attending. He needs training without a child around him, and how to learn to be a man himself. He can’t say he is proud of his son for coming out when his bisexual girlfriend is around or when he is with his caseworker. Then turn on the child when they are alone. He also kept that poor child up all night on a school night to play video games because he wanted company and was strung out on something. I saw this first hand and when I called to report his behavior in. I was told he needs a chance to learn. He is 38 yrs old and will always be nothing but a user and loser in my mind. I have helped many people and if they have other problems to go with the drug problems, drinking and other addictions. They need to be put into a program where they are watched daily and have someone check on them without a scheduled period, just to see how they behave when they aren’t aware someone is stopping in. We have the same problem with our parolees on furlough. The FSU, in my state sucks. It use to come once per week and now they barely show up every 3 weeks. What’s the sense of putting others in danger so these people get another chance to abuse and use. I’ve seen the same ones over and over. It’s time we hold them accountable and the state workers running the programs. They shouldn’t take on more than they can afford or get funded.

  2. It’s sounds like ALL the kids are now in foster care if Dad skipped out on all of them.. This story is missing a few facts, such as WHERE IS MOM??? What are the ages of the children?? Why was the child who was watching the gay porn unsupervised? Or as the King of Siam would add, etc., etc., etc.

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