Father Kills 14-year-old Son in Nevada: 'He would rather have a dead son than a gay son'

Father Kills 14-year-old Son in Nevada: ‘He would rather have a dead son than a gay son’

A father in Henderson, Nevada shot and killed his 14-year-old gay son, with police attributing the killing in part to the boy’s sexual orientation.

Nevada police report that 53-year-old Wendell Melton shot and killed his son Giovanni in the morning of November 2.

People close to the murder victim including Sonja Jones, Giovanni’s former foster mom say part of the argument leading to the shooting was about the teen’s sexual orientation.

Jones told 3 News: ‘He hated the fact that his son was gay. Giovanni was abused physically and mentally and spiritually for many, many years. I’m sure that inside of his mind, he would rather have a dead son than a gay son,’ she said.

“I’m hearing his dad had caught him with his boyfriend before and pulled out a gun on him,” said Jones.\

Giovanni was a student at Coronado High School. Jones says a beautiful life was taken away because of ignorance

“I hope they throw the book at him. I hope he never sees the light of day,” said Jones. “I hope every day when he looks in the mirror, he sees his son’s face.”

Wendell Melton told police that accidently shot him during an argument. And he was in fear of his life. Police doubt his story.

Melton is being held at the Henderson Detention Center. Bail is set at $800,000.00

62 thoughts on “Father Kills 14-year-old Son in Nevada: ‘He would rather have a dead son than a gay son’

    1. Death is too easy ….mental anguish is best…he has to wake up every day if he survives knowing what he did ….

  1. I think that is so very Sad because he was still his child! Now, I have children and grandchildren and I really don’t know how I would feel about their sexuality! But, I do know that I would not want kill or hurt them. IJS!!

    1. You would feel happy that they’re happy and that they are good people. You would support them, even if you didn’t fully understand their feelings. Eventually you would see the love they have for someone else and understand that their love is not any different than your love.

      1. I’m gay, but I heard my grandma talk about gay people, she kept saying, why though, why are they like that. Than my auntie looked at me in the rear view mirror and shook her head no very slowly.
        But I still haven’t told my grandparents, they probably know but just don’t acknowledge that area of myself, cause they raised me so they must know, so technically I’m still in the closet with them, cause they are like my parents and I still haven’t told them.

  2. This is old news.. this happened last year. Still horrible tho. Completely disgusting. RIP KID. mad props for loving your truth

  3. Now his son is gay AND dead. Killing him doesn’t change anything. Also, if he killed Giovanni because he didn’t want anyone to know he had a gay son—now everyone knows…

    1. Your implication, no, accusation is that being gay is somehow reparable by prayer??? Or that it needs to be fixed??? There is nothing wrong with being gay but there is plenty wrong with thinking it can, or even should be, exorcised by mumbo jumbo hocus pocus bullshit.

      Nothing, absolutely nothing fails like prayer – and that is statistically quantifiable. YOU believe in preposterous bullshit. Thinking like yours is what lead to the death of this beautiful 14 year old child. YOU are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

      1. You said it so so well. And also….being “gay” means your happy. So I want to be gay too! I want to be happy everyday all of the time. We need to get rid of the names we call each other for the people we are. We just need to live out life’s without being mean to others and allowed to love anyone we want with o it being called names for it.I think we should start a movement to disassociate the word “gay” from people that are called that just because of the person they choose to have as a partner. Now if they are just happy silly people so be it. That is what the word is for. We are segregating ourselves voluntarily but using the word for a person’s lifestyle. I just want all the bad to stop. I’m tired from it!

      2. Prayer does work I’m a prime example to that I don’t know how I would feel if my children were gay I just hope they’re not but I would never murder my own children because of their sexual orientation or for any reason

      3. Prayer works it’s the lack of faith that cause your prayers to fail. If the father put his focus on praying for his son then the kid may still be alive. Instead he took matters into his own hands. Praying for someone while letting them live their life I see no problem in it. What harm is it causing hmmmm.

    2. There was NOTHING WRONG with his son’s Spirit. If YOU believe that being gay is against God, YOU are farther away from Spirit than you realize…

      1. We believe God words and it says it is an abomination and against his commandments.As for the statement we are farther away from the spirit I would advise you to read the WORD.We worship him in spirit and truth once you know the truth and willfully sin you will be accountable for that sin before God.This is a tragic for all involved and this young man lose his life because society is telling our young ones it is alright to be gay telling them it is alright to murder innocent unborn babies encouraging them to live like hell its their lives.God destroyed Sodom not to mention that to open practice being gay you would have been killed stoned to death under Moses law.Sure we are no longer under the laws of Moses but we are under God commandments .Our kids are being brain washed confused that is the ploy of Satan to take as many of our young ones into these demonic activities as he can he knows he will never be redeemed and he is taking them with him.Society say right is wrong wrong is right most of the time.Sin fights against the holy spirit within us for control of our body and our personalities sin is cagey. It masquerades as our master I pray for all parties involved may the God of glory give them what ever they need through there hour of berevent.



        1. It’s funny how so called “christians” love to cherry pick their bible quotes. Your comment reveals how little you actually know about your bible and your faith.

          You react aggressively anytime your fragile beliefs are questioned. It’s because deep down you’re afraid to admit your bible is flawed. To do so would call into question your entire faith. I pity you.

          1. You know nothing, bible is linked to all books relating to beliefs Koran and more you just scared to admit you have a creator because he will not answer your nasty but.

        2. You Do Not Know Tge Circumstances As To How This Kid Came About Being Gay, So Please Do Not Elaborate On Something You Know Nothing About. Surely He Was Not Born This Way. I’m Sure It Is A Result Of This Childs Identity Being Taken By A Predator. People Need To Consider Facts Instead Of Bumping Their Gums.

          1. People are BORN GAY you ignorant cow, it is NOT something you become because some old man diddled you….we are all made in God’s image and God made us this way and he loves us just as he does eveyone else and being gay is NOT A SIN!! WAKE THE FUK UP!!

        3. If u knew anything you’d know god forgives sin, and if me and others r sinning cause of our sexuality it can be forgiven. everyone sins ur judging therefore ur sinning soooooo in conclusion if u believe in god like i do and worship like i do then ur fine gay or not (i’m bisexual)

        4. YOU are the one who’s been brainwashed old lady, you and all the bible beaters…the bible was written by man, many men and cobbled together, thousands of chapters were left out because they didn’t suit the agenda of the compilers at the time, therefore it is NOT God’s word, therefore it is FALLIBLE, so stop believing every word of it, which you actually don’t do, you pick and choose what parts of you want to believe, well stop it, it’s a waste of time!! WAKE UP!!

      2. How so? God destroyed entire nations due to the deplorable acts. God has made it quite plain how he feels about same genders having sex. He had laid out all of His precepts if people have ears to hear.

        There may be several different perspectives on this platform, but it doesn’t change the laws of God. We were created in His image, which means we should pattern after Him.

        It’s easier to be hateful towards God, because to be receptive of Him, is to turn from sin. He loves all. He died and rose again for all. His blood will cleanse all unrighteousness.

        FYI, if your lifestyle causes you to be hateful( in general), perhaps it’s not the healthiest. Love should come from the LGBTQ group as well, not spewed hate speech constantly and insisting that everyone submit and accept. Jesus is love and he is also holy.

        Every knee shall now, every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord, be blessed.

        1. Please stop perverting the gospel no one takes every word litterally most are apocryphal and designed to illustrate a larger truth I am a Christian btw jesus never said a word against gay people that was that bigoted murderer paul and he never met jesus God created all sexual orientation including gays instead of perpetuating bigorty and hypocrisy how about pulling the plank from your own eye !? You are far from perfect as we all are prayer would no more erase gayness than it would change my skin color from black to white and I have tried. Let us just say that murder id wrong and this bigot is giong to hell period spare us the hubris and sanctimony.

  4. Heartless, cruel and selfish. If it did happen in 2018, is anyone aware of the outcome of the trial.
    The father deserves a very long prison sentence for his evil deed.

  5. This fuckstick should get life in prison so he can be raped or THE DEATH PENALTY! He didn’t have to shoot his son dead regardless of the sexual preference he was just a homophobic bigoted bastard who didn’t know how to react.

    1. This is pitiful. I wonder, did he really love his son for real? IJS
      I don’t think he should get death penalty. He should go to the penetiturary, experience the licking their going to put on him and think about does he deserve to die. Rest assure he is going to FEEL what its like. Thats going to kill him mentally. IJS

  6. It was no reason to kill him The father is ignorant he is ignorant thinking that it was better for him to kill his son because he didn’t want him to be gay so what is someone kills you because you’re Ignorant your son is your son no matter what That way it’s not your decision. You need to rot in jail that was not your right to make that decision. We have children and we should guide them and protect them not kill them because of the decisions that they make that’s why we’re parents.

  7. Sick. People like this deserve death penalty, sex offenders, pedophiles, parents raping children. Absolutely sicking

      1. To much same sex none reproductive sex going on couldn’t watch his boi get laid in the rest of his life duh, dont mean it’s right use your head and stop judging, what would you do you walk in on your child getting hung in by another boi

  8. I don’t agree with the father but the support of homosexuality is out of hand and to in the open if you’re gonna be gay cool I know gay people some are upset about the recognition their sexuality recieve I can’t even watch tv without seeing staring straight actor or actress playing a gay role. Its even in the cartoons come on now!

  9. STUPIDITY!!! We have the life of a boy taken and I’m reading SEVERAL POSTS ABOUT BIBLE?!?!!!! This is not the time to preach nor is it the time to talk about what’s just or not just. It’s a time to simply love and support life. Get off your soapbox and advocate for life!!! #PERIOD

  10. It’s a horrible thing he’s don to his own son but now guess what there’s no women in mens prison, don’t drop the soap buddy or your gonna have to kill yourself too.

  11. May the boy Rest In Peace SMH if your baby is happy why the fuck would you do this? Send the dad to Napa state and let his ass get socked in the face by steroid addict males if he pleads criminal insanity you know what to do the boy had every right being happy that is your son. Your creation

  12. Why would u want to hurt your son or kill him because he is gay is wasn’t for u to decide his demise of anything I should killed your dam self with your funny looking ugly ass u is going to get yours that’s a fact

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