Self-loathing "Ex-Gays" To Lobby Congress Against The Equality Act

Self-loathing “Ex-Gays” To Lobby Congress Against The Equality Act

Via a press release from the very un-christian, Christian Newswire::

“Formers” (those who no longer identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning) representing every state in the Union have selected 15 Former LGBTQ people to travel to Washington, D.C. October 28 – November 1 to address concerns about LGBTQ-focused legislation such as bill H.R. 5, which passed in the House in May.

Although dubbed “The Equality Act,” Formers understand the bill is an unnecessary concession to the false idea that members of the gay community are marginalized. In fact, LGBTQ-identifying people have always had options in how they participate in broader culture. Nothing constrains them from participating in culture on a normal level.

Unlike with the African American community, who have centuries of culturally driven abuse and forced destabilization, those who identify as LGBTQ have been empowered in our modern society as scientists, literary giants, and even politicians when they have chosen not to prioritize their sexual mores.

America does not need anti-discrimination laws or bans against treatment for those seeking to live out their faith biblically; we need a renewed belief in the dignity and beauty of all of humanity in its diversity. America CAN model for the world what it looks like to value one another despite our differences without government intrusion or enforcement.

For Formers, bills like H.R. 5 block our rights to follow our own convictions. It enforces the false belief that one cannot change and that one has no choice but to embrace LGBTQ identity and behaviors.

So 15 Former LGBTQ people will travel to Washington, D.C. October 28 – November 1.

We’ll be sure to check GRINDR and SCRUFF for their arrival.

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  1. I am so sorry, this is just bullshit as far as I am concerned. They may be former LGBTQ people, but to what end will they stay that way. Are they screwing around secretly like most do. The methods used do not normally last when used to help someone overcome this lifestyle. Celibacy is the only way to be different and that sort of leaves out out of either side. I stayed celibate for over 20 years and am still gay. When I meet the right man I will love him in every way. It is is meant to be I will do it my way supporting all other LGBTQ people. I am gay no matter whether I have sex with anyone or not. Always have been as my brothers that lost their husbands / lovers to one disease or another and stayed single. I am proud of who I am and disgusted by those who supposedly find God due to programming. I am a believer and still gay and was while going to very conservative churches. People liked me because I did things that were good for the community at large as well as that church I was a member of. I won’t go now unless they accept and teach tolerance and love from anyone to anyone else as it should be taught. Let the hypocrites come and put us down. I’d love to be there to counter their rationale!

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