Uber Driver Kicks Lesbian Couple Out Of Car For Being Gay - VIDEO

Uber Driver Kicks Lesbian Couple Out Of Car For Being Gay – VIDEO

An intolerant Uber driver in Camden, N.J. is about to get in a whole lot of trouble.

Kristin Michele and Jenn Mangan were in an Uber on their way to a Zac Brown Band concert in Camden, N.J. on Friday night when Michele leaned over and gave Mangan a kiss on the cheek.

The driver then stopped the car and immediately told the women to get out.

‘I can’t ride with that. I won’t have that.’ The Uber driver said. The driver said she was a “Christian” and “didn’t believe in that.”

Michele started recording a video right after that, in which she asks, “Are you kicking me out because I’m gay?” and the driver responds, “Yes, I am. Yes. Get out.”

Michele continued arguing with the driver. The woman threatened to call the police, which Michele encouraged, but the driver never did, she said.

“Eventually it was obvious this wasn’t getting resolved, so I just got out of the car,” Michele said, after about five minutes of back-and-forth.

The women reached out to Uber and heard back from the company, which said they would handle the incident, but didn’t specify what would happen, according to Mangan.

It is illegal in New Jersey to  discriminate against LGBT’s in employment, housing, and public accommodations.

This is not the first time that an Uber driver has been accused of homophobic targeting of passengers.

In late November of 2018 Taray Carey put his arm around his husband, Alex Majkowski, in the backseat of an Uber ride in the East Village of Manhattan and were subjected to a “hate-filled assault” by a middle-eastern driver.

*UPDATE: In a statement, the company says, “Uber does not tolerate discrimination in any form and we have been in contact with this rider. We removed the driver’s access to the app as soon as we were made aware of this incident.”

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  1. I don’t understand why potential drivers do not have to sign a pledge to not allow their personal beliefs interfere with their jobs. How do they get these positions without the company having knowledge of their homophobic or other hate related ideals. This is simply disgusting to me. I would ask all people to be polite, however a kiss on the cheek to me, is polite. I have straight, same sex friends that give each other a kiss on the cheek when they greet or leave one another. It is part of some cultures. I am not offended but have been told if my partner and I kissed each other in front of certain friends they couldn’t handle it. I make it clear I don’t make it a habit to make out in public, however if there was a reason to say I love you and kiss my samesex partner. I would and anyone not liking that, could leave if they so choose. Love is Love to me. Affection is Affection. Neither of these two things equal sex or any type of rude or inappropriate behavior. Obviously these drivers have no tolerance for anything but their own beliefs and feelings, which should ban them from working in direct consumer service jobs. It seems to be getting way out of control, with people’s religious beliefs. I don’t buy into that. Business is business and as long as your not having sex in front of me, I will serve you, straight or gay. What is the difference. My money is the same money anyone else spends and I am proud to be a gay man. I put up with this enough when I was younger. I won’t tolerate straight folks dictating my polite behavior in any manner, no matter where. If they can’t deal with it, they should not be in public service jobs. I am sick of being penalized or ostracised for being who I am. They don’t mind if it is my money they want for services they take credit for, like working with the homeless or hungry for publicity. Typical Family Values Sounding People!!! Hypocrites and Assholes… H.

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