HATE CRIME: Second Arrest Made In Murder of Gay Man in Georgia

HATE CRIME: Second Arrest Made In Murder of Gay Man in Georgia

A second person has been arrested in the murder of Ronald “Trey” Peters, a 28-year-old gay social worker in Decatur, Georgia in early June.

Peters, 28, was gunned down outside along Orchard Circle near Decatur the morning of June 4th. His partner told investigators he was on his way to the MARTA station before work.

Witnesses said as Peters walked down the roadway, two men in a truck pulled up and put on masks they also said the gunman shouted anti-gay slurs as they ordered Peters to turn over his bag.

“When Trey jerked away from him and said, ‘It’s my bag you’re not getting it,’ the driver got out with a louder voice yelling, ‘Give him the f***ing bag, f*g,” witness Kevin Pickering told CBS 46. “The passenger walked back toward the vehicle and the driver got out and started firing.” Peters was reportedly shot twice. 

“Shaleeya Moore is in the DeKalb jail facing felony murder and armed robbery charges after the fatal shooting, according to police spokesman Sgt. J.D. Spencer,” the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Moore and Joshua Ellis, 21, who was arrested earlier this month, appeared in surveillance photos released by police after the shooting.

Police are still seeking a third man who has not yet been identified.

All the suspects have been described as people of color.

Police have classified the shooting as hate motivated, according to the AJC.

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