D.C. Pride Parade Erupts In Panic After Reports of Gunshots.

D.C. Pride Parade Erupts In Panic After Reports of Gunshots – VIDEO

Washington, D.C’s., Pride Parade erupted in panic late Saturday after the sound of gunfire caused parade participants and spectators run and to cover from what they believed to be an active shooter.

Cmdr. Guillermo Rivera of the Metropolitan Police said police were responding to a call of a man with a gun. As they approached the scene, they encountered people who said shots had been fired.

The panic appeared to stem from a person showing a weapon in an “altercation” on Dupont Circle. The person with the weapon was apprehended, the police officer said, and police tweeted out that the “threat has been contained.”

Rivera said there was currently no evidence that shots were fired.

Seven people were taken to hospitals with minor injuries, and others were treated on site the commander said. Other people were treated at the scene, in Washington’s Dupont Circle.

Police are reviewing recordings to try to determine what the noises were and if shot were actually fired elsewhere in the crowd.

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