Black Lives Matter Protesters Confront Pete Buttigieg Over Police Shooting in South Bend, IN

Black Lives Matter Protesters Confront Pete Buttigieg Over Police Shooting in South Bend, IN

Democratic Presidential nominee candidate Pete Buttigieg abruptly pulled himself from the campaign trail on Friday for a second time this week to deal with the aftermath of a South Bend police officer who fatally shot a black man last weekend. Protesters from Black Lives Matters and some South Bend citizens shouted down Buttigieg and and South Bend Police Chief Scott Ruszkowski at a an impromptu meeting to discuss the matter..

CNN reports:

The loosely organized protest became chaotic at times, with Black Lives Matter protesters speaking over Buttigieg and South Bend Police Chief Scott Ruszkowski. The mayor went on to solicit community input in a town hall meeting slated for Sunday afternoon.

“We’re not going to make promises we can’t keep. We’re not. But I will do everything I can if we work together to make improvements,” Buttigieg said. “We gotta fix this in our lifetime. If we don’t, America will fail in our lifetime.”

“And so as long as I am mayor, I will listen,” he pledged. “And so long as I live, I will work on this. Because this is my community too. And shame on all of us if we don’t make it better.”

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  1. I can only say this. I believe Black Lives Matter, and that is it. However I also hope that any and all members trying to get some others to understand. Please give Mayor Pete Buttigieg the opportunity to learn from you. Don’t yell, he is asking for help from you by holding the forum for you all Black & White or any other race in your community to come together to learn from one another.Not yell at each other. Please look at what we have in D.C., Currently? Talk with each other, not at each other. Help Mayor Pete understand what you think he doesn’t right now. I believe you will find he gets more than you think. Help him to come down from that level he speaks from to the level he needs to for comfortable dialog. I know some people are hurting, especially, the family of the person that was shot. So help him heal that rift and help those people heal too. Come together with each other as one community, please. This Mayor, is not against you or anyone else but the people that committed the wrong that committed this shooting, not at Black Lives or any others. He wants to get to the Truth, don’t you want that? Try, please try to help all of us that are not black and believe Black Lives Matter and are as sick of seeing young black people shot down, along with the young Hispanic children caged. Help us understand how and what we can do, and need to do to make things right. Help us stop the divide in this country between all of the races and people that are causing divisive problems. It’s time to stop the senseless killing and abuse of those who do not deserve it. It is time we get our police to do their jobs and do them correctly or be held to the standard we all are. Not to a higher standard. The same, and we need to be joined as one, teaching each other, no matter where we come from. Please help us learn without the screaming but by teaching us how to help ourselves learn. Helping one with another in any area of our lives, we haven’t been allowed for reasons of ignorance that has been fostered by certain people that control so much of our country, from one corner to the other. I personally believe that Mayor Pete Buttigieg, wants to learn what is necessary to heal not only your community but to use it to help heal our whole country. With all my heart I believe this and hope He along with some of you, have a dialogue that will start this process. My heart is with all of you. I believe in all of you, no matter who you are. If we are one family, we need to educate each other and stop all of the needless killing and yelling. It can and will work with the right people taking the lead. Everyone of us is created equal, no matter what anyone else says. Thank you for letting me share my comment.

  2. What is the background story? Poorly reported and poor choice of “related articles.” The article should give us the information needed to make an educated assessment if “Black Lives Matter” has a legitimate concern. It appears to provoke the “Black Lives Matter” people and “Pete’s” supporters against each other.

  3. Looks more like pics of Buttigieg visiting the South Bend Zoo. (That group and its ilk will be what destroys his chances of running- as a Democrat- for President).

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