Armed Neo-Nazis Protest At Detroit Pride Festival

Armed Neo-Nazis Protest At Detroit Pride Festival

Armed Neo-Nazi protesters with police escort marching through downtown Detroit during the Motor City Pride festivities. NSM
[The National Socialist Movement] members from across the country reportedly traveled to Detroit to take part in this anti-Pride demonstration.

The Independent reports:

In Detroit, an armed white supremacist group called the National Socialist Movement (NSM) descended on the annual Motor City Pride Festival, where they held placards, gave Nazi salutes and displayed armbands with swastikas.

Photos from the event, which was attended by thousands of LGBT+ supporters, showed a group of around 10 neo-Nazis marching surrounded by police officers.

Dressed in black with a number carrying firearms and shields, the NSM marchers tore apart pride flags and pushed over at least one counter-demonstrator. One even appeared to urinate on an Israeli flag. (pictured above)

4 thoughts on “Armed Neo-Nazis Protest At Detroit Pride Festival

  1. that was extremely reckless that the Detroit cops and city administration allowed the neo-nazis to march carrying firearms. you all should be fired.

    1. It’s up to the state legislature to change the law allowing open carry. But they are beholden to the NRA and ammosexuals for support so nothing will be done.

  2. while I am not a supporter of nazi’s . this is a country where some gave their lives for us as citizens so we could have the right to free speech. popular or not . its every americans right to excercise. period now if you don’t like that right go live in a country where it does not exist !

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