Self Loathing GOP Closet Case Aaron Schock's Naked Pics Leaked Online

Self Loathing GOP Closet Case Aaron Schock’s Naked Pics Leaked Online – UPDATE: Video Added – NWSF

Via Kenneth in the 212:

We knew this day was coming. But I don’t think even I was prepared for the disgraced former U.S. congressman to be spreading his cheeks in such a way that would surely titilate people on both sides of the aisle.

Me personally I am not impressed. Besides imagine who in the Republican party has been there before. UGH.

28 thoughts on “Self Loathing GOP Closet Case Aaron Schock’s Naked Pics Leaked Online – UPDATE: Video Added – NWSF

  1. Time to wake up and smell the coffee, Aaron and all your fellow “LGBT Republicans”: assuming that you can read, read the most recent platform voted into being by the RNC, the most rapidly homophobic in your party’s sad history.
    Among other things, it promotes the withdrawal of funds from AIDS research and treatment and their investment in the dangerous, brutally destructive and scientifically discredited “conversion therapy.”
    While you were nice and cozy warm with your buddies in that log cabin busy wishing your conservative friends hated you a little less, we were getting our asses kicked by the right wing thugs your party courts and supports.
    You want to vote for the party that largely supports forcing you back into the closet (assuming you ever actually came out to more than your sexual partners)? Woo-hoo, hey it’s a free country and all that!
    Don’t expect us – the people who actually work to make sure your life is better – to give you anything more than a polite smile and an eye-roll.

    1. I guess I should not let a “piece of shit” like him piss me off so much. But when I think of what most of the LGBTQ people, including me, have gone through to be out and proud; he makes me want to vomit. In his case…I do hope KARMA is true. I can’t believe he actually has gay friends and guys into having sex with him, who value themselves so little, that they would be associate with him, or screw him, no matter how pretty his ass. He is the equivalent of JUDAS, to Jesus, for the LGBTQ community. I hope as a community we continue to expose and bitrate back-stabbers like him.

      1. I think the journalists saying he’s not impressed is not telling the truth. I understand all the other points made. To bad this guy is a closet case. He could have done some good for the community…

  2. He’s got a great ass, you can’t deny that. Too bad his head is stuffed so far up inside it there isn’t room for anything else.

    1. these self-hating closet cases are only good for ONE thing: FUCK THEM AND FORGET THEM! I am a Stonewall vet — and I know what I’m talking about!

    1. Ah, I just figured it out. it’s a super blurry closeup of his cock head with his hand wrapped around the shaft.

    2. It was also taken from the video. It’s the final shot of him stroking his dick. It was taken from below looking up at his dick and his amazing, ripped torso.

    1. and I bet he’s into golden showers. This kid needs to be gang-fucked by a bunch of prison thugs! I’m sure he’d get off on it!

  3. It’s a pretty cute butt. I’d play with it! Isn’t it interesting that he gets off from looking at his own butt?

    1. If you wouldn’t f@@@ yourself, who would? He’s thinking about the guys who will mount him, and he gets off on that.

  4. Oh hell..I’d fuck him too! I do think the guy is a bit bizarre or off his meds. I know the type though. If you met him socially or at a bar ,he would dismiss you. Then you would find him at 3 AM in the Fens letting anyone have at his ass or mouth.

  5. What is NWSF? Northwest San Francisco? 😉 Btw, great ass, Aaron… you are a rancid stain of a human being, but in a very attractive package.

  6. I can’t tell if it is him. It could be a look a like. I need more proof. No tatts. Scars. Ring. Nothing.

  7. Ok, so A. maybe he WAS a closet case. Not anymore. We all have our own story, his is intensified by his own journey. I came out very openly when I was thirteen, mostly due to the fact that I was a student in an all-boys school, and usually waited for every other boy I was in class with to leave the room before standing up myself with a raging boner (that was a long time ago, but if I remember correctly, the guys caught on pretty quick.. you can only carry a trapper-keeper in so many positions before people started asking why I insisted on carrying it right in front of my bits and pieces. B. We have no serious proof if this actually Aaron. Until Aaron decides to make an official statement regarding his hes alleged recent adventures, I’m not going to 100% buy into it. C. The guy has a beautiful penis, but probably can’t top because the length just isn’t there D. His bottom is extremely hot, and I’d top him anytime, whoever it is.

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