Pete Buttigieg Unveils Sweeping Plan On Racial Inequality

Pete Buttigieg Accuses Donald Trump of ‘paying lip service’ to LGBT rights. Gives Advice on Bullying to 11 Year Old Girl

Gay Democratic presidential hopeful “Mayor” Pete Buttigieg on Friday night accused President Trump of “paying lip service” to LGBT rights after Trump said he was “absolutely fine” with Buttigieg’s marriage while supporting the extremist “Christian” right who condemn it
while speaking in Iowa.

“Even though they’re paying lip service to the idea of — like the president was asked about my marriage, so he could have the opportunity to say he’s fine with it.”

Referencing a report this week that says adopted children of LGBT families may now be considered born “out of wedlock” and not guaranteed U.S. citizenship even if their parents are married U.S. citizens.

We find out this week that they changed the State Department guidance — I don’t know if you saw this. So if you are, for example, in an international adoption scenario, and you’re a same-sex couple, as far as the United States government is concerned, you have a child born out of wedlock. Think about what that means. It means you are not a citizen of the same country as your own child at the time that they are born. And that’s discrimination.”

Despite what anyone says it has been obvious from the start that Donald Trump has launched a war against the LGBT Americans..

Later in the evening, an 11-year-old girl identified only as Rebecca wanted to know: Did the Democratic presidential candidate have any advice about bullying?

“Part of the advice I’d give is to be willing to talk about it. So I think you’re leading the way on that,” Buttigieg said as he looked toward Rebecca’s direction.

“Everybody who’s different can be bullied, and the secret is everybody’s different in some way,” he said, later adding: “You have nothing to be ashamed of.”

“The person who’s bullying you probably has something a little broken in them,” he added. “… They want to kind of control a situation because something else in their life isn’t going well, and they don’t feel they have control in a bigger way.”

Someone in the audience yelled: “Sounds familiar!”

Buttigieg responded: “I think it really matters that we have a president who doesn’t show that kind of behavior. It’s one of the reasons I’m running for president.”

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