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California City Bans Flying of Rainbow Pride Flag At City Hall After Bigoted Residents Descend On Council Meeting

Dublin, California a suburban city east of the gay mecca of San Francisco has decided it will not fly the Rainbow Pride flag over city hall after it was proposed by a gay city council member and then contested by a a group of bigoted residents.

At a city council meeting the bigots spoke loudly, asking if the city then has to fly the Confederate flag or the Black Lives Matter flag, or a communist flag.

Dublin resident Josh Rodriguez wearing a MAGA cap stated that the rainbow flag “ was not all inclusive” because the LGBT acronym doesn’t include the letter “S” for Straight. And another bigot spewed even worse anti-gay propaganda saying: “At the end of the day, I believe there is another letter that to the end that is being propagated actually at our state capital right now and that is “P” for pedophile.”

Councilmember Shawn Kumagai who proposed the flying of the rainbow flag to celebrate Pride Month said : “As a gay man and growing up through the marriage equality fight and serving in the military under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, I know we have some work to do in this area.”

Dublin has a population of about 46,036 residents and 28,798 registered voters with 12,071 (41.9%) registered as Democrats, 5,044 (17.5%) registered as Republicans, and 10,505 (36.5%) decline to state voters.[

Ironically since 1992, Dublin has been a Democratic stronghold in presidential elections. 

6 thoughts on “California City Bans Flying of Rainbow Pride Flag At City Hall After Bigoted Residents Descend On Council Meeting

  1. Please re-watch the video. This article has misquoted ME the “MAGA cap” guy. I never talked about the letter P. That was talked about by 2 other individuals. Please correct your quote of me.

    1. Irrelevant! You were wearing the cap of bigots and racists so in reality your cap shows the world you’re an ass!

      Do some research and hope we can find some business in your community that will feel the effects of your hate…..hopefully

  2. Thank you Councilman Kumagai who has always led with integrity and courage. I know you once again lead with a progressive vision and we wholeheartedly support you!

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