As Boycott List Grows Netflix Remains Silent Over Filming In Georgia

As Boycott List Grows Netflix Remains Silent Over Filming In Georgia

On Tuesday, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed a six week abortion ban into law as he’d long promised. The bill, slated to go into effect in January 2020, includes a far-reaching provision declaring “unborn children are a class of living, distinct person.”  The new law effectively criminalizes — with penalties including life in prison and death — any woman who seeks an abortion or even one who miscarries in the state.

By Thursday, production companies agreeing not to do business in George included Duplass Brothers Production, and “The Wire” creator’s Blown Deadline’s Production.

“I can’t ask any female member of any film production with which I am involved to so marginalize themselves or compromise their inalienable authority over their own bodies,” David Simon tweeted. 

Killer Films (Boy’s Don’t Cry, Carol, Party Monster, Colette) CEO Christine Vacho also tweeted that her company “will no longer consider Georgia as a viable shooting location until this ridiculous law is overturned.”

Actress Alyssa Milano released a statement Thursday saying that she will not return to Netflix’s “Insatiable” for a third season if the show’s filming does not move to a different state.

“I have to be there for another month but you can be sure I will fight tooth and nail to move ‘Insatiable’ to a state that will protect our rights,” Milano said.

“And if it doesn’t move to another state, I will not be able to return to the show if we are blessed with a third season. This is my leverage. I will use it for the betterment of society and our great country,” she added. 

Netflix itself has remained silent on the boycott and is currently filming more projects in the state than any other company, according to the Georgia Department of Economic Development. When reached for comment a Netflix representative told Rolling Stone it is following a statement from the MPAA, which said that it was “monitoring” the situation in Georgia.

“Film and television production in Georgia supports more than 92,000 jobs and brings significant economic benefits to communities and families. It is important to remember that similar legislation has been attempted in other states, and has either been enjoined by the courts or currently being challenged,” the MPAA said in a statement. “The outcome in Georgia will also be determined through the legal process. We will continue to monitor developments.”

The statement seems to hope that the ACLU or another legal advocate will swoop in to contest the law before it goes into effect in January so film companies will not have to break current contracts with the state which will cost them millions of dollars.

The entertainment entertainment industry, brought an estimated $2.7 billion to the state of Gerogia in 2018 while filming some 455 productions there.

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  1. The US supreme Court stopped short when it conferred equality in marriage everywhere for everyone. Unfortunately these current issues weren’t included. But they will be now I strongly feel.

  2. It is the problem of these so called “CHRISTIAN” majority states. (please see definition of christian) You get Reverend _Fat Ass_ . From The First Baptist Church of in breeding and School of Tractor Repair. Who once he has fought his indictment for tax evasion and child pornography, is looking for a way to spin his bad press,lands on the abortion rights or gay rights subject. Then you have Georgia Governor “Not to Brite” who seems to believe the Constitution applies to every state except his. Of course Mrs Pelosi don’t forget to send the check for that highway program. This only proves that every registered voter has a responsibility to actively message,phone or write elected officials. Apathy allows these things to happen.

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