2 thoughts on “WATCH: Pete Buttigieg’s Full Interview on Meet The Press 4/7/2019 – VIDEO

  1. How can anyone not see that we need a man like this to bring us back together and lead us into the future.

  2. Listening to Mayor Pete speak is extremely refreshing in today’s political climate. Everything about him gives me renewed hope in the future. I agree with Chet. After hearing him speak on the issues so articulately and sincerely I can’t understand how anyone would not see that he is the very person we need to re-unite us and lead us out of corruption and decay and into a brighter place. While it is regrettable that many people will overlook his qualifications and his message based solely on his sexual orientation, I am delighted that he is comfortable with his sexuality, open about his life, has no skeletons in, and no door on, his very open closet. He is as close to an ideal candidate for the presidency as they are coming these days. I wish him well, and will continue to support his endeavors as he makes his way toward the White House.

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