Samuel L. Jackson Calls Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump Racist Assholes.

Samuel L. Jackson Calls Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump Racist Assholes.

In a wide-ranging discussion with Esquire, Samuel L. Jackson star of the movie “Pulp Fiction”, “Snakes on a Plane”, and Marvel franchise stalwart let it all out about KY Senator and congressional Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump

Jackson was asked if growing up in racially segregated Tennessee angered him.

Jackson — who is the highest grossing actor in history with 120 films that have raked in $13.3 billion worldwide — said it didn’t anger him while growing up. However, he quickly pivoted and directed his opinion about racism to include Donald Trump and McConnell.

“I’m angrier now about it than I was then, just because I see these guys and I know these are the same guys: Trump and all those assholes, Mitch McConnell,” Jackson said. “But they’re the same fucking guys. And when I hear their voices, I hear the same voices. Those twangs where they didn’t specifically call you ‘n—–,’ they said ‘nigra.'”

Jackson continued the interview, saying it was always clear to him what people like Trump and McConnell thought about racial issues.

“There was no doubt about where they stood, that you were never going to be their equal and, if possible, they were going to make sure you never had as much sh– as they had,” Jackson said. “And they were worried about the chasteness of their women, and miscegenation, and not having enough of them, there being more of us than there are of them.”


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